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Retreat Testimonials

“I can honestly say that this course has not only changed my outlook, but my life too. Prior to going on this retreat I was dealing with a lot stress from being medically discharged from the Navy and trying to decide what my next steps would be. Since I am under therapy for an existing mental health condition, this added stress was not helping me get the best results. It turns out that the Thrival Instinct Retreat was what was missing! This weekend provided the best form of isolation and escapism from life to really take time to focus on my mental and physical health.

Firstly, the location truly could not get better,  a magical place full of wonder and mystery with various mediation rooms, gardens and seating areas which all provided a great place to relax during the free time. Due to its remote location, the only sounds that can be heard are from the wind, birds and the waterfall. The food provided was fresh and you could tell a lot of care was taken to create healthy and filling meals. I would definitely say the best thing about the accommodation was the fact that after the site was closed to the general public, we had the area to ourselves which meant that you could take a peaceful wander and really let your mind go.

Prior to attending this course I did not know much about the holistic world and was not sure what to expect. In the past, I have been very guilty of not letting my mind fully open to new experiences. Rob’s energy was fantastic and truly motivational and his passion for what he teaches really helps you open your mind, drop your ego and focus on yourself. The classes were well structured and taught at an easy pace. Rob explained everything thoroughly and helped to explain why we were doing every movement and how it was helping us. We were not forced to get involved in any of the activities and Rob really emphasised how the weekend was about us and we should do whatever we found relaxing. Everything Rob taught is something that I will take away and use in my day-to-day life, including the breathing exercises, the sun salutation and, somewhat reluctantly (in a good way), the cold water plunges.

I have always believed that there are a few people that you meet throughout your life that will make a substantial impact on you. The skills and passion that Rob provided makes me believe that he his one of those individuals. He has set me up with the right tools to live a more relaxed life and full-filing life. I honestly can say that I have never felt this relaxed, calm and focused!

Although undertaking regular Yoga practice, I have never had the privilege to attend a dedicated retreat – it met every expectation I had.  I think you got it just right and thought it was a brilliantly executed. I loved how it was busy but also allowed us time for rest in-between the different activities.  The new Living Yoga breathing techniques learned, will undoubtedly help me with the lung damage caused by COVID 19. Although extremely tired towards the end I am astounded as to how much I was able to push myself with Robs gentle coaching and of course the encouragement of the group around me. You were all such a good set of people to be with.  The venue was fantastic, standard of the facilities immaculate and the food outstanding. Again thank you – I trust others attending in the future get as much out of it as I most certainly have – I shall spread the good word. 

The weekend yoga retreat exposed me to some much-needed tools to help me take control of my physical and mental state. The yoga instruction, location, food, and accommodation were all amazing, which allowed me to be totally relaxed and solely concentrate on my wellbeing. The highlight of the weekend was the revelation of breathing techniques to enable relaxation and clarity of mind, and as such I will now incorporate dedicated breathing periods into my daily routine. I am extremely grateful to of attended this truly amazing weekend retreat.  


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