Let me support you in finding your authentic self, to guide you as you dive deeper inside to find your true purpose, to help you train your “let-go”muscle and give you some great tools to achieve self-mastery.


Simply by getting back to the natural breathing techniques which we we born with, we can get back on the path to optimise our health. Our psycology is directly lnked to our physiology and by using simple breath techniques we have the ability to transform our state and change the trajectory of our lives in just a few sessions, when this becomes a habit it becomes life changing, dont take my word for it, experience it for yourself.


Moving the body and mind together as a single integrated system. Whatever your current condition, yoga asana will asist in breaking down tension in the body and creating more fluidity in your movement.  It can be as gentle or exerting as you decide to make it.  Yoga asana differs from most other forms of exercise as the postures seek to develop our psycho-physiology whereas traditional forms of exercise focus only mainly on physiology.


If we were to think of our minds like a computer in order for it to run smoothly we must empty the trash regularly, remove the “cookies” and upgrade the software at regular intervals. A common mistake when we are suffering with “revved up thinking” or generally with our mental health is to try and fix the problem with our mind, this can actually add more fuel to the fire. Instead if we simply apply a few principles, the “6 keys to success” and continue with our daily practice, our body will naturally default back to homeostasis, notice what happens to our mind!

Digestion Training

We are constantly consuming, whether it food, words, experiences it all has to be processed. What ever doesn’t get digested becomes stuck, stagnant and even toxic. We can use our internal combustion engine to burn through this and convert it into productive energy.

Cold Therapy

Cold water training adds gentle “positive stress” to the system which over time begins to build resilience to “negative stress” in the system, in science, this is called cross-adaption where one form of stress can benefit another by reducing susceptibility to chronic stress which we know contributes to so many diseases.

How we can work together

1-2-1 Breathwork / Yoga / Private Practice

A class tailored to your individual needs may benefit:


  • Suffering with anxiety or stress and want to learn tools to control your own state. 
  • Would like a personal guided experience at your pace for you to go deeper into the practice.
  • Small groups of friends, community groups who would like a private experience.

Breathwork / Yoga classes

  • Online – Tuesday 1900 -2000 on Zoom, email rob.thrival@gmail.com to book.
  • In person – Wedneday 1800 -1850 at Unit 8 Gym Ivybridge South Devon book in at the below link:

Thrival Yoga Class book now.

Classes begin with a gentle grounding phase before going on to the following:

  • Breathwork – Breathing techniques which are an effective way to calm the nervous system and prepare the mind and body.
  • Posture training – Postures are practiced at your own level helping you to release tension, increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • Shava Kriya – The re-birthing process to say good bye to the old and check in with the new you after re-setting the system.

Hands on treatments

Reiki healing

Sports massage

Deep tissue massage

Restorative / relaxation massage.

Reiki massage.

All appointments can be booked via email.


Escape the hustle and bustle and fully immersive yourself in one of my life changing retreats.

Email for details and availibility at: rob.thrival@gmail.com


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Hi, I`m Rob

We have an in-built instinct to survive.

I served 23 years in the military from the age of 16.

I have travelled far, experienced much.
Like many, I bear scars both physically and mentally. But it is due to every one of these experiences that I gratefully arrive here in this moment.

We need challenges to build resilience, it’s the positive stress which helps us grow through the negative stress.

We have a great opportunity each day when we wake…

We can choose one of two things, to survive or to thrive.

I want to help you to discover your Thrival Instinct.