Out of all the things in this world we can master, why not start with ourselves?


Pranayama is the practice of breathing. By using some very simple techniques we can change the way we breathe and significantly alter our state of mind, reduce stress, and increase our mental clarity. The long term health benefits of practicing pranayama are incredible and all backed by science. By learning some of these simple techniques, you will gain the tools to combat modern-day stress and have them with you in times of need.


Asana is the practice of exercising the body and mind together as a single integrated system. Yoga asana differs from other forms of exercise as the postures seek to develop our psycho-physiology whereas traditional forms of exercise focus only on physiology.


Learn the method to quieten the mind and wipe the slate clean when needed. Our mind is like a computer, in order for it to run smoothly we must remove the “cookies” and upgrade the software at regular intervals.

Digestion Training

We are constantly consuming, whether it food, words, experiences it all has to be processed. What ever doesn’t get digested becomes stuck, stagnant and even toxic. We can use our internal combustion engine to burn through this and convert it into productive energy.

Cold Therapy

Cold water training adds gentle “positive stress” to the system which over time begins to build resilience to “negative stress” in the system, in science, this is called cross-adaption where one form of stress can benefit another by reducing susceptibility to chronic stress which we know contributes to so many diseases.

How we can work together

1-2-1 Breathwork / Yoga / Private class

A class tailored to your individual needs may benefit:


  • Suffering with anxiety or stress and want to learn tools to control your own state. 
  • Would like a personal guided experinece at your pace for you to go deeper.
  • Small groups of friends, community groups who would like a private experience.

Breathwork / Yoga classes

Tuesday Nights 1900 -2000 on Zoom

Classes begin with a gentle grounding phase before going on to the following:

  • Breathwork- Breathing techniques which are an effective way to calm the nervous system and prepare the mind and body.
  • Posture training – Postures are practiced at your own level helping you to release tension, increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • Shava Kriya – The re-birthing process to say good bye to the old and check in with your new you after re-setting the system.

Reiki / Sports massage

  • Reiki healing
  • Sports massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Restorative / relaxation massage.
  • Reiki massage.

All appointments can be booked via email.



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Hi, I`m Rob

We have an automatic in-built instinct to survive.

I served 23 years in the military from the age of 16.

I have travelled far, experienced much.
Like many, I bear scars both physically and mentally. But it is due to every one of these experiences that I gratefully arrive here in this moment.

We need challenges to build resilience, it’s the positive stress which helps us grow through the negative stress.

We have a great opportunity each day when we wake…

We can choose one of two things, to survive or to thrive.

I want to help you to discover your Thrival Instinct.